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19th January 2012

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I have NEVER been in an ice storm

Until today. This is crazy shit! I mock Seattlites for our snow panic, but this ice is no fricken joke! The airport is shut down, there’s a 1/2 inch of ice on top of all of this snow.

You know what’s bad?

We’re conditioned to just stay home during snow. But ice? It’s just ice, right?

People are going to die trying to get to work today. Curtis’s boss is making him go to work today. My boss was going to make me, but forget that shit.

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  1. ipomoeaj said: Josh’s boss emailed at 7:20 and was like DON’T BE A HERO STAY HOME, which is the only thing that kept him from willingly going into work. JFC dude, you’re playing WoW and getting paid, sorry the baby wants some of your attention.
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